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Martin Kane, Private Eye
Season 3 Episode 27- Black Pearls
An anonymous letter arrives, asking Kane to pretend to be a reporter on the yacht of Angus Redfield, a wealthy pearl collector. Soon he is investigating murder when Redfield is found dead.
A Jockey is Murdered- 1951
Night Club Murder- 1952
A night club singer is gunned down. When Martin Kane investigates he finds that everyone in the club has a grudge against the man.
Season 4 Episode 25- The Comic Strip Killer
A comic strip artist is drawing strips based on a real murder case. He promises to reveal the killer, but is killed before the strip is published.
Season 2 Episode 7- Murder in the Court
A death row convict, who is acting as a witness in trial, has somehow managed to get a gun and shoots the District Attorney.  Kane investigates to find who the accomplice is.
Rest Home Murder- 1951
Kane receives a call from an old client of his, who claims he has been drugged and taken to Seaton Rest Home, an asylum where he has been committed.
Reclusive Sisters- 1951
Martin Kane is off on a fishing vacation, when he becomes involved in the search for a missing lawyer. His body is eventually found at the house of three eccentric sisters.