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Sherlock Holmes 1954
Season 1 Episode 4- The Case of the Texas Cowgirl
Minnie O'Malley, a cowgirl in Bison Jack's visiting rodeo show, seeks help from Holmes to remove a dead body from her hotel room. Inspector Lestrade identifies it as a known thief, and Holmes investigates.
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Season 1 Episode 1- The Case of the Cunningham Heritage
Dr. Watson meets Sherlock Holmes after his return from Afghanistan and is recruited as his assistant. Together they investigate a murder, with a young lady as the prime suspect.
Season 1 Episode 2- The Case of Lady Beryl
Inspector Lestrade and Dr. Watson investigate a murder at the Beryl Residence, but to their surprise get a confession from Lady Beryl, which Holmes believes isn't the case.
Season 1 Episode 3- The Case of the Pennsylvania Gun
Watson and Holmes go to Sussex to investigate the gruesome murder of Squire John Douglas with a Pennsylvanian Sawed-Off Shotgun as the murder weapon. Both Mr. Morell and Mrs. Douglas are highly suspected.