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Season 1 Episode 5- The Case of the Belligerent Ghost
Dr. Watson claims to have been attacked by a ghost of Albert Higgins. Holmes finds out this fits with the theft Blue Madonna in the Pembroke Museum exchanged for a forgery. The thief is neither more or less than the museum manager.
Season 1 Episode 13- The Case of the Split Ticket
A man asks Holmes to help him find his friend Mr. Snow to get the last piece of a sweepstake ticket to win money badly. Unfortunately Mr. Snow gets killed or so it would seem when Holmes uncovers a scam plot between Mr. Snow and Ms. Rogers.
Season 1 Episode 6- The Case of the Shy Ballerina
Dr Watson's hat is found at the scene of a murder, leading Lestrade to suspect him of killing a diplomat, lately returned from St Petersberg. A Russian ballet dancer and a composer are also suspects.
Season 1 Episode 21- The Case of the Reluctant Carpenter
A terrorist/blackmailer, mistaking Lestrade for Holmes, threatens bomb outrages if a large sum is not paid. Holmes tracks down the site of the next bombing, using crude forensics, and removes the bomb from an Knightsbridge armoury with seconds to spare. The miscreant, a carpenter, is apprehended but the motive is left unexplained.
Season 1 Episode 17- The Case of the Laughing Mummy
Holmes and Watson visit a country manor to see an ancient Egyptian mummy that makes strange laughing sounds, but deduce that the sound comes from a roof-mounted weather vane. Holmes further identifies the mummy as a fake - it's actually the body of an archeologist who was killed whilst excavating the tomb.
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