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Season 1 Episode 37- The Case of the Unlucky Gambler
A young boy shows up at Baker Street, asking for Holmes' help in finding his missing father. Holmes' investigation reveals that the man is a gambler on the run from his creditors, and the team begins to make the rounds of the seedy gambling underworld in search of the boy's father.
Season 1 Episode 38- The Case of the Diamond Tooth
While walking along the banks of the River Thames, Watson finds a diamond tooth. The article takes on more meaning later, however, when Holmes learns that the body of a murder victim had been discovered near where Watson found the tooth.
Season 1 Episode 36- The Case of the Neurotic Detective
Holmes begins acting even stranger than usual -- he tries to keep Watson from seeing the diamond necklace in his humidor, refuses to help Lestrade with the crime wave and dresses up to go to a dance!
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