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Season 1 Episode 30- The Case of the Eiffel Tower
Holmes, Lestrade and Dr. Watson follow a trail to the Eiffel Tower, crossing the lines of an espionage team who seek the very coin they had, but lose it to a lady. Once they track the coin down, they cause a riot in order to summon the police.
Season 1 Episode 27- The Case of the Perfect Husband
Russell Partridge, a rich and respectable art collector, threatens to kill his wife at nine o' clock on their first wedding anniversary. She doesn't know if she believes him, and Lestrade doesn't either. Holmes takes the threat seriously.
Season 1 Episode 34- The Case of the Royal Murder
Holmes and Watson, guests at the hunting lodge of an unnamed Central European King, witness a murder.
Season 1 Episode 35- The Case of the Haunted Gainsborough
This is the story of the hunt for the MacGregan treasure -- and curse!
Season 1 Episode 33- The Case of the Baker Street Bachelors
Jeffery Bourne's campaign for parliment is being threaten by blackmail after a visit to the Cupid's Bow Marriage Bureau. Holmes and Watson pose as eligible bachelors to solve the case!
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